Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bad Game Design 1: gametrailers.com

This is based on the ratings from gametrailers.com. Other review sites either give an overall rating or are extremely biased in their reviews(i.e. IGN). These graphs are based on 78 games with the worst overall ratings.

It is often taken for fact that it is difficult to create good game-play, but this is just an assumption- here is the proof.

Is game-play(game design) really the weak link in game development?

  • It is conclusive that game-play is the hardest to impress the player-reviewer with tan story and graphics
  • A good story is easier to achieve than good graphics and game-play
  • In the cases where game-play is rated better than story or graphics, the difference in the ratings is less by at least 1+ rating point than vis versa.