Sunday, June 27, 2010


Postmortem is the name I have given to a set of methods that encourages reflection about a game's design (and development) after the game has been completed. The methods are usually templates and/or guidelines for reflecting upon the game design and development process. A postmortem is a valuable way to document lessons learned, and while it does not influence the game design it is based on it can offer the chance to influence future designs.

Postmortems are meant to gather reflections, and therefore typically ask:

-    What went wrong?
-    What went right?
-    What can we learn from the experience?

Making a postmortem template allows you to create well structured report without all the effort of starting from scratch. While finding a good set of guidelines to creating a postmortem can make the information in the postmortem that much sharper.

Making a postmortem accessible for future projects may require different approaches to formulating the report. For example, in place of a written report, a list of lessons learned may be more accessible as reference material for future designs.

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