Sunday, May 9, 2010

Patterns for Game Design

Game design patterns are a collection and description of recurring game mechanics, (rules & systems), play mechanics (interaction, flow & feel), game types (competition, cooperation, etc.), technical forms (side scrolling, top down, board games, cards, etc.) and game-play experience (eye-hand coordination, puzzling, etc.). Game design patterns are derived from observation of other games and can be used in many ways (i.e. analysis, inspiration, reference or a lexicon).

As reference- As we play more and more games, patterns become a way for the game designers to categorize recurring design choices in games. Using these patterns as reference allows the game designer to inform his own design choices. For example, a game designer that is making a FPS would want to understand the basics of all the patterns that are typical to the genre.

As inspiration-

As analysis-

As a lexicon-

Pattern Templates
  •  A collection of descriptions describing common design considerations (e.g. characters, points, health, lives rock-paper-scissor, etc.)
  • Descriptions range from informal and anecdotal to structured with templates.  


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